Teacher's Pet 2 (A Story Of Obsession)

Teacher's Pet 2 (A Story Of Obsession)

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Emilybug7 By Emilybug7 Completed

Colin Ferrell as Coach Ryan 
Lauren Jauregui as Ivy Lewis
Dylan O'Brien as Blake Conners
Josh Hutcherson as Zane Sanders
Debby Ryan as Abby Manning

Sequel to Teacher's Pet (A Story Of Obsession)

Ivy Lewis is a troubled teenage girl. Ever since her mom died of cancer her life hasn't been the same until she meets her new P.E. teacher Coach Ryan who seems like a very nice guy that only wants to help that is until one night Ivy gets drunk and wakes up in his house. All Ivy want's to do is forget about what happened that night but Coach Ryan sure doesn't. Pretty soon Ivy finds herself stalked by her teacher and comes to discover he has a dark and disturbing past.

HannahSocha15 HannahSocha15 Aug 09, 2016
I am happy your making a part 2 I hope you make this book longer then the last one😍
bboops23 bboops23 Oct 09, 2016
That awkward moment where my grandfather was named Mike Ryan. Either way I'm enjoying your stories.
blah2879 blah2879 May 25, 2016
Ok I've just gotta say. When I saw that the teachers name is coach Ryan I almost died BC that's my coaches name at school 0.0 coincidence?  I think not
Miss_hudyt Miss_hudyt Dec 05, 2016
Wow.. he's spying on a student who's about to get changed on his first day 😂
Nayy209 Nayy209 Dec 13, 2016
Tbh im not even sure if i can trust you and you already on first name basis