The Late Night Confessions [Destiel]

The Late Night Confessions [Destiel]

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The room was dark and quiet, Castiel had his eyes closed. He listened to the sounds around him, crickets outside, Dean pacing in the kitchen, Sam telling him to stop worrying. Dean worried over Cas a lot. Cas did feel like shit, he felt empty, sad. But he'd been at the bunker for a month now and Sam and Dean and Gabriel were slowly filling up that emptiness. 

 Sam had found Gabe, or, Gabe had found Sam. The two never would disclose any details. Dean had found Cas. It was appropriate, the ex-angel supposed. Gabriel had feelings for Sam, Cas had feelings for Dean. The difference was, Sam knew Gabriel had feelings for him so the two had been together for a while. Dean and Cas hadn't gotten that far yet. 

 After an hour or so, Sam and Gabe went to bed to "sleep" and Dean settled down a bit. About a half an hour later, Dean came into Cas's room. "Cas?" the hunter called softly. Cas didn't answer. This happened almost every night. 

 Dean would come into the room thinking the ex-angel was ...

"Sleeping" Yeah, sleeping with each other!  I bet Gabriel and Sam love sleeping 😉
XtremeDreams XtremeDreams Nov 26, 2017
I think its funny how you explained that they were just "sleeping"
I can see Dean calling Cas angel when he's human and says "Dean, I am no longer an angel." and is just so confused and Dean's done.
littleme1102 littleme1102 Oct 24, 2016
fan fic or sequel it doesn't matter as long as its continued.
FayWishes FayWishes Oct 17, 2016
So cute! Man sometimes I wish the fan-fics were cannon instead of the painfulness that is the show
omiglobfeels omiglobfeels Oct 30, 2015
It's a good one shot but I like the tension building up more