The Secret Behind the Wallpaper [Book 1]

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TheKoolKat By BeAfraidOfDark Completed
When Abbie is forced to move away with her family her only thing to look forward to was getting to make over her new bedroom... well that was before she found the secret behind the wallpaper....  Has a sequel :)
Hey, I didn't know which book to read so I just randomely selected this one.:) I like the plot, its really good. And wow, really good writer as a 11 year old! Nice work!! Voted.
Uh, sure, I have a story called You Have No Idea. Just click my thingy to the left, I only have one story.
I hope you reached 250 already, but if not, I hope mine counts!!! I saw your discussion, so I figured, why not?
This is a good beginning, very good for an eleven year old (my eleven-year-old stories were okay, but not very realistic, just saying)! I find it kind of funny how different the mom and dad are from each other-- the fact that the mom's a 'hippie' and the dad's an army person!
Wow, this is good for an eleven-year-old story! :D It's well written (maybe a few grammar mistakes, but that's overlooked). It was also very detailed about what was happening at each part of the story. (:
i started here so i wouldnt be confused in your new one. lol... pretty great work for an 11 year-old =)