A Thousand Years(J-Fredxreader)

A Thousand Years(J-Fredxreader)

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MineSimmer By MineSimmer_260 Updated Jun 18

I was just a fan that became much more, or did I?
(Y/N) just got out of an abusive relationship with her ex, Garrett. While MatPat and Steph try to help the best they can, they can only help so much.

One day J-Fred and (Y/N) run into each other, literally. They're meeting becomes a bumpy road but will time flatten this road. 
This book is musically driven so you'll see a new song each chapter.

Started March 2016

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TheMoonChild22 TheMoonChild22 Dec 28, 2016
And also how did I not recognize him?! I'm a VERY bad person! He is my favorite on Team Edge. 😐Sorry Bryan and Matthias. Luv ya😊
ebicccc ebicccc Sep 05, 2016
Next thing ya know Robert Downey Jr is gonna walk through the door and it won't even faze me!
xXBeebsForeheadXx xXBeebsForeheadXx Sep 05, 2016
Do I have dirt on my celebrity scanner or what... What is wrong with me. Pewds is gonna arrive and I am not gonna recognize him