I'll Fight For You (Vision x Reader) (#Wattys2016) (ON HOLD)

I'll Fight For You (Vision x Reader) (#Wattys2016) (ON HOLD)

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Durarara Trash ✌ By GravityFallsFTW896 Updated Oct 25, 2017

After the events of Ultron, (Name) is left scared and alone. Until the Avengers come to her aid she ever so slowly begins to trust them
She puts all of her trust into one certain Avenger. He said he calls himself Vision. 
Will the Avengers accept the strange girl? Or will they not? 

Hey guys! New fanfic yay! Been awhile. I also have 2 other fanfics in the making soo yeah. I thought I'd try something different other than Gravity Falls. 
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Mini-Stark Mini-Stark Jan 03, 2017
I'm that one person who only ships Wanda with Vision and likewise, and is reading this XD
MandiSilversky MandiSilversky Jun 11, 2016
I don't mean to be rude in any way. I just wanted to give you a little tip. When your writing, try to use different words instead of repeating them over again. By the way, I like the story so far.