Book Of Crack(B.B) //On hold//

Book Of Crack(B.B) //On hold//

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[Karmagisa Trash] By DemonKit Updated Oct 17

Random stuff that I come up with.

 Yeah that's it......

And if have any ideas I'm completely open to ideas.

*rolling around* I see rainbows......*looks at sebby* are u a donut??
Now, kids! Repeat with me:
                              "The flame in our hearts shall not be extinguished by anyone. We are..... THE PHOENIX!"
Omg I still remember Ciel's blushing face after he did the pose with Lizzy and Snake XD
**sits on your lap**
                              I'LL BE YOUR CIEL. XD
*hides away covering ears and tail* ummmmm hmmmmm uhhhh I NEED TO GO BYE!!! *runs off quickly*
*walks in pats his back* its ok there's many other souls out there.... Maybe u can find a way to get Ceil back