His Mate (Riren)

His Mate (Riren)

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ereri/riren By Ereri104 Updated Jun 22, 2017

Eren gets picked on for many reasons, but the main one, besides for being a "know it all," is because he hasn't found his mate. 

After trying to find his mate, Eren stopped his search...That is until the school's bad boy suddenly takes an interest on him.
Nerd Omega!Eren x Punk Alpha!Levi AU

[Mature content]

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Ashlyne_Mckenzie Ashlyne_Mckenzie 7 days ago
I love you Armin, but this is Ereri/Riren, so kindly reel it in okay? 🙂
Shallow_hearted Shallow_hearted Oct 02, 2017
Lol I like how levi already knew and was waiting on Eren to realize it
Shallow_hearted Shallow_hearted Oct 02, 2017
Try this. Bleeding out your vigina for a week EVERY month, with mood swings cravings. Anddd cramps. Which feel like some one is repeatedly stabbing your ovaries with a screw driver!!!!
ScaryYandereEren ScaryYandereEren Oct 26, 2017
Nope, the bitch gotta go now. Bye coconut and hellooooo Levi
Ashlyne_Mckenzie Ashlyne_Mckenzie 7 days ago
Eren is gorgeous, who’s giving him shît about his looks 😑
Bloodyace016 Bloodyace016 Jun 22, 2017
I love that grisha.. isn't a dick. And I think your trying to point that out. (Just an idea)