His Mate (Riren)

His Mate (Riren)

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Ereri/Riren By Ereri104 Updated Jun 22

Eren Jaeger is always at the top of his class. His parents raised him to believe his grades are the most important thing in order to fully succeed in life. He doesn't mind not having friends because of this. He doesn't mind being bullied either. His grades are more important.

Eren gets picked on for many reason but the main one, besides for being a "know it all," is because he hasn't found his mate. But after trying to find his mate, even if he only looked for them for a short amount of time, Eren stopped his search.

That is until the school's bad boy suddenly takes an interest on him.
Nerd Omega!Eren x Punk Alpha!Levi AU

[Mature content]

Well you are amazing so don't let those negativites stop you from trying to be yourself.
Ms Rico is my algebra teacher who's twin sister Ms Rico teaches art and NFS
julia92802 julia92802 May 08
Why are you looking for horseface and the armored tita- I mean what.
I have the same feeling. I cant miss a single day of school, even if im sick. My mother thinks i should stay home but my father still wants me to go.
I love that grisha.. isn't a dick. And I think your trying to point that out. (Just an idea)