Naruto Mary Sues: A Fate Worse Than Tsukuyomi

Naruto Mary Sues: A Fate Worse Than Tsukuyomi

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MarySueKillers By MarySueKillers Updated Oct 08

Yes indeed YES INDEED! A Naruto fanfic has been chosen for our first critique. Naruto was the first anime we watched so it only seemed appropriate. We'll be scouring Wattpad for gut-wrenching Mary Sues to add to this book of atrocities. So prepare your eyes my friends. Stories of untold mediocrity await you.


Art: Cookiesarethebest (Deviantart)

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People don’t make friends for entertainment. The whole purpose of friendship is to make genuine connections with others without any dishonest or dishonorable intentions. People are not toys to play with out of entertainment.
Wait...we were just at the Transformation pop quiz! Am I missing something? How did we get to the bell test? 
                              Is no one mentioning this? Am I just dumb?
If you want to be realistic in your story, mess up his name. Even then, that’s terribly sad the OC doesn’t know her own future-comrade-on-Team-Seven’s name. She should because he’s practically everywhere in and out of the classroom.
I’m not sure if they’re the same person but the art actually belongs to carrotcakebandit from Tumblr
Hanah_Kiala Hanah_Kiala Nov 01
The way he says this cringey...
                              "illusion attack"
That’s very OOC. Especially for Sasuke. If you want that kind of interaction, you should use Lee. He’s the only one that would jump for a chance to interact with a fellow ninja to declare a duel.