Naruto Mary Sues: A Fate Worse Than Tsukuyomi

Naruto Mary Sues: A Fate Worse Than Tsukuyomi

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MarySueKillers By MarySueKillers Updated Aug 21

Yes indeed YES INDEED! A Naruto fanfic has been chosen for our first critique. Naruto was the first anime we watched so it only seemed appropriate. We'll be scouring Wattpad for gut-wrenching Mary Sues to add to this book of atrocities. So prepare your eyes my friends. Stories of untold mediocrity await you.


Art: Cookiesarethebest (Deviantart)

hanniena hanniena Nov 29
0-0 TRIGGERED.  1. Sakura is queen no one can tell me otherwise 2. Naruto slays  3. DONT INSULT THE RULERS OF MY WORLD
                              Thanks :)
I'm so happy that I refused to read that story. The cover made my want to bleach my eyes
*takes on mlg glasses*
                              *face palms*
                              You disappoint me author of the Naruto fanfic book.
Mirrashards Mirrashards Oct 13
Not even my MLG,FAZE,DIRTY MIND,ANIME,AND FOOD can save u now
Mirrashards Mirrashards Oct 13
Itachi come look at this
                              Itachi:*looks at it* Wut Mary Sue shît is this
                              Me:only the finest quality
                              Itachi:Bye *leaves*
Hamna2015 Hamna2015 Nov 25
Oh god, you really, REALLY need to update. I'm reading your book over again because it's so good. Plz UPDATE.