Naruto Mary Sues: A Fate Worse Than Tsukuyomi

Naruto Mary Sues: A Fate Worse Than Tsukuyomi

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Yes indeed YES INDEED! A Naruto fanfic has been chosen for our first critique. Naruto was the first anime we watched so it only seemed appropriate. We'll be scouring Wattpad for gut-wrenching Mary Sues to add to this book of atrocities. So prepare your eyes my friends. Stories of untold mediocrity await you.


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Meme_uzumaki Meme_uzumaki Dec 12, 2016
HE COULD BARELY KEEP UP!??! DID SHE/HE JUST CUT OF KAKASHI AWESOMENESS!?!!? *grabs shot gun and bullets* where  the book at so I can kill it.
hanniena hanniena Nov 29, 2016
0-0 TRIGGERED.  1. Sakura is queen no one can tell me otherwise 2. Naruto slays  3. DONT INSULT THE RULERS OF MY WORLD
                              Thanks :)
Its suppose to be "and," not "it, and"
                              The comma goes after the FANBOYS not before it
WriterFailure WriterFailure Dec 29, 2016
I am no longer writing Fanfics. I fear for myself that I would be insulted or offended of my grammar that I do not give a heck.
- - Jan 10
Did you get permission of the author to do this? I mean I know it's for fun but you are basically hating on these stories.
Lolagamergirllol Lolagamergirllol 4 days ago
I just realized half my life I've been spelling hokage-Hogake. I feel so sad.