Once Upon Another Beast (#OnceUponNow)

Once Upon Another Beast (#OnceUponNow)

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Ambria Rayne By KittyKattt_ Completed

Top 25 Finalist for Target's Once Upon Now contest

He's trapped. He couldn't breathe. The white walls were smothering him, the barred windows were taunting him, the ticking of the clock was killing him. Now the nurses, of course, they were there too, they were there constantly choking him, forcing the colored pills down his throat. He wasn't just the amusement of the place. No, he was the beast of the place.

Adam was suffering from insanity. Insanity from being locked in one single room for eleven years. Eleven years he has been stuck in the psychiatric hospital. He couldn't get out and he couldn't be saved, so what was left for him? What was there for the beast besides death? There was only one answer, one answer that not even he knew just yet, but it would all start with a single name. That single name that would bring a new feeling to that white room. That single name being Belle.

A/N: This story is entered into the "Once Upon Now" story contest by target. VOTING HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED. All votes from June 14th to the 21st will count. All votes made before that will not count. This story is my version of a modern day "Beauty and The Beast" Anyways, thanks for reading!(: Xx

Cover made by: Playboystiles

dvzradium dvzradium Aug 18
it's 5 after 12 at midnight and i'm trying not to cackle so now i sound like a hippo wheezing through it's nose
He made sure his fingerprints stayed of it so he didn't get in trouble too
                              Smart kid 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
I gess this is what happens when u have lots of free time...
kvilladores__ kvilladores__ Jul 15, 2016
But she should've have known that was coming, it is an asylum for a reason
alysa3012 alysa3012 Jul 16, 2016
Damn... This is so deep and descriptive😱 Ur such an amazing writer👏👏👏👏
ThatWeirdChick_xD ThatWeirdChick_xD Jul 19, 2016
At this point I'm just trying not to throw my kindle across the room because im just getting angry at these people, they don't know what really happened. So.........STOP JUDGING HIM!!.😤😤😤