SLOWLY Editing • Love Me, I Dare You (GirlxGirl)

SLOWLY Editing • Love Me, I Dare You (GirlxGirl)

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"We aren't friends, therefore you're just plain old Olivia"

"Rude much..." She said and I didn't reply, we stayed quiet for a long time until she broke the silence again. "So, do you like me now? I'm being nice..."

"Just because you're giving me a ride and you're talking to me and asking me to call you other than Olivia, it doesn't mean I'm going to magically start to like you." I answered looking at her confused, did she really think that just because she act nice I'd start to like her? Oh wow, she was worse than I thought... "You don't get it, do you? You're just not the kind of person I'd be into, you're arrogant, selfish, egocentric, self centred..., you do things I don't like. You're a cold hearted girl. Nobody knows who you really are, one day you're someone and next day you're completely different. You push people away, sometimes is almost as if you don't know love because of the way you act. Everyone that tries to help you, you push away, everyone that tries to get to know you or close to you, you reject. You're hard to love. Is almost as if you don't want to be loved."

Olivia Artadi Macias and Lucia Bianchi argue pretty much every day of their lives. They met when Olivia's cousin, Africa, brought a crying Lucia to Olivia's place to stay. Olivia never saw much to it and she even liked Lucia until one day out of the blue, Lucia began to act indifferent towards Olivia.
Since that day the both of them can't see the other without insulting each other but everything changes when Olivia finds out Lucia is gay.
But it was even more shocking to Olivia the fact that Lucia didn't seem to like her. Confused and slightly annoyed, Olivia proposes a deal to Lucia.
Fall in love and get your heart broken.

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Yo no matter how much you dislike someone you never say that. My damn I'm am hurt
strix04 strix04 Mar 09
It's not a disgusted look it's probably the jealous look and Liv haven't realized.
strix04 strix04 Mar 09
She's so full of herself and Lucia just got slap it back to her face haha
strix04 strix04 Mar 09
I wish Lucia was the masculine one and can manipulate back to Olivia her own games.
strix04 strix04 Mar 09
I'm assuming Lucia moving in with them is because her dad is a mafia boss(secretly and unknown to many) and he wants her to marry the other clan's heir to strengthen their business but she doesn't want to because she's gay.
trashCAN123 trashCAN123 Jun 18, 2017
My mind's telling me no..........BUT MY BODY.......MY BODY'S TELLING ME YES