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The New Girl (Harry Potter Fanfiction) (BOOK 1)

The New Girl (Harry Potter Fanfiction) (BOOK 1)

72.3K Reads 2K Votes 32 Part Story
TheGirlWhoWrites By FUNxxx Completed

A girl nobody knows right now is going to Hogwarts. What will she do to change the world? Hidden powers and new loves are created. This is the story of Summer Nature. (Book 1) (Sequel in making)

If your mom and dad both went to hogwarts, then why aren't you pure blood
RoseHallow18838 RoseHallow18838 Mar 23, 2016
No offense or anything, but something you could do to make your writing better is to make a wake into awake, because that's how it really is spelled. So far, this book is really good!
KyiaMcGill KyiaMcGill Nov 28, 2016
"Must be a Weasley." XD jk first thing I thought of for some reason
RoseHallow18838 RoseHallow18838 Mar 23, 2016
I really think you should capitalize this because it is a proper noun. Just a suggestion. I really like the plot though!
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Apr 04, 2016
84th vote yay! I......I look stupid don't I......? Good bye......
space_turtle7 space_turtle7 Jan 02, 2016
Oi! I'm a Slytherin and that's kinda offensive! 
                              No it's okay. That was a joke. 
                              Really though. Kinda offended. Not too offended though. Gah, how can I express my opinions without offending people?