The Wedding Date (New Adult Romance Novella) (SAMPLE ONLY)

The Wedding Date (New Adult Romance Novella) (SAMPLE ONLY)

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Yolanda Allen By YolandaAllen Updated Jul 26, 2013

The following is the first three chapters of my New Adult Romance novella, The Wedding Date.


Whitney took down the last pin curl, and gave her head a good shake to loosen her curls. Her curls bounced around, falling softly along her collarbone. She pinned one side back with a rhinestone embellished hair comb, showcasing her diamond studs. It had been a long time since she'd been dressed up for a date. Too long. She didn't remember having butterflies even on their first date years ago.

Whitney smiled at her reflection, more and more she was starting to look like her mother, although she had the deep chocolate tone of her father. She pulled her fluffy, baby pink robe close so she could apply the finishing touches to her makeup without getting residue on her dress. She glanced at the clock sitting above the medicine cabinet. A quarter to seven. Where was Brent? Their dinner reservation was for seven-thirty.

She smoothed a strand of hair from her face. The half-carat, white gold di...

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