A Good Girl, A Bad Boy and Fate

A Good Girl, A Bad Boy and Fate

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Trial8910 By Trial8910 Updated May 14, 2016

Avery is a good girl.

Kade is a bad boy.

And Fate is a manipulative 'female dog'.


Avery's life isn't that perfect.

Kade's life isn't that amazing.

And Fate isn't that simple.


Avery's hiding secrets.

Kade's hiding secrets.

And Fate wants to reveal them all.

It all starts when Kade and Avery meet- with Avery sprinting towards the bathroom and Kade being his bad boy self. Then Fate intervenes and they end up becoming interwoven into each other's lives in a way they never thought possible.

All it takes is A Good Girl, A Bad Boy and Fate to create an unforgettable love.

*full summary inside*

  • abuse
  • badboy
  • depression
  • fate
  • friendship
  • goodgirl
  • highschool
  • insomnia
  • love
  • sisters
harry-styles-oficial harry-styles-oficial Jul 12, 2017
wtf? is it wrong that I'm laughing or is it a serious situation?
ineffectualz ineffectualz Jul 08, 2017
i forgot how to spell my own name whoops, but somehow i got into the school spelling bee
evajude01 evajude01 Apr 03
i cant spell to save my life. the only word i actually know how to spell with ease is 'does' because once the teacher asked someone to spell it and they said, dose, so i guessed and got it right and i have been very proud of myself ever since.
lThugLyfel lThugLyfel Sep 02, 2016
In second grade my desk group forgot how to spell the word 'sure' and all of us were too embarrassed and scared to ask the teacher how to spell it. So we just sat there until finally some one from some other group asked for us.
Trial8910 Trial8910 May 12, 2016
I actually used to spell this wrong a couple months ago, do you guys spell anything easy wrong?
Reading_J Reading_J May 12, 2016
I'm kinda good at spelling that's why I always have google to check if I spelled a word right.... anyway... I like you book so far and plz update soon as well as plz check out my book.. it's my first book on wattpad.