Changes Through The Nights

Changes Through The Nights

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Book is discontinued but I've written a chapter on how the book would have ended if I continued it. 

Benjamin or as he's liked to be called, Benji has a special power. He can change his face, voice and body whenever he wants. 

When he has a one night stand with the famous billionaire playboy Nyle DiMarco. Benji is intrigued and feels a weird attraction towards Nyle.

Nyle being a playboy, only does the same person once. Benji doesn't want Nyle to sleep with anyone but him. How will he do it? By changing himself. 


Dedicated to @Amazon_river

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___blu ___blu May 14, 2017
Where can I get this super power. I would be the most sickest, vile, deviant person in the world I'm The making of a female Joker
KinkyWinkie KinkyWinkie Dec 24, 2017
why are y’all angry at him he has a company to run and needs someone helpful and swift with work as a secretary. if i had a secretary who couldn’t sort a file, what is being paid for lol
7minus1000 7minus1000 Aug 08, 2017
If I had this power I'd be like an even more fücked up version of Harley Quinn mixed with mystique
Wiked17 Wiked17 Sep 03, 2017
He's probably too in love with you to give other people a shot sigh
awkwardishchick awkwardishchick May 13, 2017
I think that's cheating but maybe I'm not as open minded as I should be
dude you could totally ve a mass murderer and no one would ever catch you.