Changes Through The Nights [boyxboy]

Changes Through The Nights [boyxboy]

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jughead By thewolf_writer Completed

Benjamin or as he's liked to be called, Benji has a special power. He can change his face, voice and body whenever he wants. 

When he has a one night stand with the famous billionaire playboy Nyle DiMarco. Benji is intrigued and feels a weird attraction towards Nyle.

Nyle being a playboy, only does the same person once. Benji doesn't want Nyle to sleep with anyone but him. How will he do it? By changing himself. 


Dedicated to @Amazon_river

Where can I get this super power. I would be the most sickest, vile, deviant person in the world I'm The making of a female Joker
7minus1000 7minus1000 Aug 08
If I had this power I'd be like an even more fücked up version of Harley Quinn mixed with mystique
NomNoma NomNoma Apr 13
wtf I want this, it's better than all of my childhood dreams
I think that's cheating but maybe I'm not as open minded as I should be
Master_eve Master_eve Sep 27, 2016
You dont have a vagina fam? Call me ignorant please because what do you have down there then
SoWeFlew SoWeFlew Sep 06, 2016
I have, as soon as Tyler Oakley said the words, and then signed a will you go out with me?