Obliviate My Heart {Book 2}

Obliviate My Heart {Book 2}

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Emily (on hiatus) By xXFleurRebelleXx Completed

{Book two in the Oblivated series--cover made by caro_nightowl}

Aurora Oswin isn't having the best summer. She's forgetting things--names, events she should remember. But then Rory finds out her mind is damaged in a way that could destroy her sanity if she's not careful....

Things soon begin to escalate when everybody returns to Hogwarts. Cole's past is becoming more and more dark, Gennie is acting strange--not to mention the tournament Harry has been forced into.

Everything begins to intensify for Rory this year. The traitor's identity is revealed with shocking concequences. Friendships are building and breaking. Not to mention her feelings for Draco Malfoy...

Sometimes Rory wishes she could just obliviate her heart....

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Lacey don't have magic, neither Jenna so it's gotta b Mark... That C*nt... (No offence)
For everyone who is reading this for the first time then reread this paragraph over and over till you figure out who it is... it's very obvious
I NEW IT! *puts chair down on ground and grabs a stick* I MAY NOT HAVE GOTTEN MY HOGWARTS LETTER...BUT THIS IS STILL A WORTHY WEAPON! *starts to beat him with stick*
This is the big giveaway, obviously mark is the only one who could do this as Jenna and Lacey are squibs and Hollie doesn’t know any spells or have a wand so it’s mark
Sienna_Sugg Sienna_Sugg Mar 15
DUN DUN DUUUN it's Jenna!! PLOT TWIST!!!! (I don't actually know)
MARK! YOU COY SON OF  UNICRON! (Ik I put unicron and not unicorn)  HER ADOPTIVE MOTHER CANT DO MAGIC! NEITHER CAN LACEY AND HOLLIE IS TO YOUNG TO EVEN DO THIS! *continues to beat him with metal chair* (sorry I am a good detective sometimes