migraine ;; clemont x reader [EDITING]

migraine ;; clemont x reader [EDITING]

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:3 By starruzzz Updated Jun 22

(L/n) (F/n) is an optimistic and enthusiastic girl and meets new friends; Ash, Bonnie and Clemont to join her in her journey to pokemon profession. It was warm fuzzies and flowers until fate had to ruin (F/n)'s optimism.

Ever since she made a deal with a guy who stole her Espeon, she's been depressed and confused. She didn't want to kill her friends especially when they already mean so much to her. 

Moving to a different region still won't work. Even killing herself won't work.

Now, she has to complete this mission before she turns 18 or she and her friends will meet their death. (F/n) still has a few years to complete this certain mission without harming her friends.

Looks at starruzzz's pic... :
                              Hey, it's your girl Liza coming at you.
Who da heck is Squishy? Like Squishy the jellyfish from Finding Nemo???
Every time I watch Pokémon XYZ Serena's voice gives me a headache
sushimakirrito sushimakirrito Nov 18, 2016
Your a keeper! will you pleaseee take care of my brother for me?
CureSword_Official CureSword_Official Jul 21, 2016
Oh. I had a misunderstanding. Sorry and there were too many typos.
Gakayna Gakayna Dec 01, 2016
"While Ash was being the oblivious one he is"
                              Me: TRUE DAT!!! xD