Colorful | Phan | Completed

Colorful | Phan | Completed

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✌🏻 By danandphilphann Completed

"Reason number one not to fall in love with Phil Lester, he speaks in colors."


Dan Howell is in his last year of high school when, thanks to a bet, he is forced to prove to his friend how easy it is to not fall in love with somebody who cares for the stars more than he cares for himself. Who's crazy plans always seem to get him in trouble. Who, especially, feels in colors.

{Lil bit of a trigger warning for here and there. Mentions of suicide, cutting, etc. This is a fluff phanfiction. There is no smut or bad swearing.}

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Asmighty Asmighty Oct 02, 2017
it's the first time i've seen ryan higa mentioned in a phanfic
thattumblrchick thattumblrchick Sep 20, 2017
mmmmm hunny ur gonna fall JUST LIKE IN YOURE THE STRAW TO MY BERRY
worldofwhitenoise worldofwhitenoise Dec 13, 2017
shout out to all of the other youtubers especially ryan higa
Panic-im-a-phangirl Panic-im-a-phangirl Dec 20, 2017
That would make my day if I was on my period and someone gave me fish sticks
thattumblrchick thattumblrchick Sep 20, 2017
omg this reminds me of this other fic I read  also called colorful but it was punk pastel
Ninjai356 Ninjai356 Dec 18, 2017
okay i just read the forest fic last night so let’s do this