50 of the Most Typical Fan Fic Moments

50 of the Most Typical Fan Fic Moments

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JustYip By JustYip Updated Jul 26, 2013

I'm not insulting the writer of those stories because that is obviously what is expected to happen. I just simply want to make a list of things i hear in just about every fan fic i have read . Enjoy! :)

1. They either had a break up or were best friend before blah blah blah became famous

2. He forgot about the girl

3. The girl is broke and works at Starbucks or McDonalds

4. They are either called Mia or Ariana or Megan

5. Harry's daughter has to be called Darcy

6. The girl used to be a nerd but once the he leaves to live his dream, she has a massive makeover and becomes popular 

7. Messy bun's are the only way they do their hair

8. She ends up falling in love with his best friend

9. Your favourite member sings to you even if you are at like the very back

10. Your mother allows to  just drop out of school to go on tour with One Direction

11. You bump into your favourite member on the street and you exchange numbers

12. Ed Sheeran is her favourite artist

13. They ask to leav...