Bella, what are those?

Bella, what are those?

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Bella has been treated differently and bullied all her life. Little does she know, one raven haired beauty will show her it's OK to be different. But, Alice has a secret of her own.  What she discovers changes her whole life. Read and find out. 

The Twilight Saga is the property of Stephanie Meyer, I only take credit for my ideas. 

WARNING: story contains self harm and futa. Consider yourself warned.

Credit for the cover goes to ErebellaJameson

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  • lgbt
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DestielSabrielShip DestielSabrielShip Nov 09, 2017
Somebody call Sam and Dean, Crowley wreaking havoc in a...DUH DUH DUH... high school
mikeijuana mikeijuana Sep 02, 2017
edward: *inhales*
                              bella: don't do it
                              edward: *raises hands to mouth*
                              bella: no
                              edward: WHAT'RE THOOOOOOOOSE
I came out like two years ago to my brother and my friends then a year ago i came out to my mother they all accept it no one picks on me and if someone tries to they always have my back
-CallMeAl- -CallMeAl- Aug 07, 2017
No more words just being wonderful is already a way through you're success
Me if I was Bella: How you know my name
                              Alice: I uh guessed?
                              Me: weirdo *backs away slowly*
Somebody call moose and squirrel😂😂 Crowley is a teacher and he is going to kill all the student's😂