Once Upon a Curse (COMPLETE)

Once Upon a Curse (COMPLETE)

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May By MayTijssen Completed

*COMPLETE* Ashley is cursed. Every day when the sun sets her beauty vanishes to reveal a monster by any norms. She lives with her brother in the Enchanted Forest, shielded from whatever prejudice and hate she would face in the outside world.
  Prince Raymond has been kidnapped. In a desperate attempt to escape from his captors he flees into the Enchanted Forest, thinking the dangers there would be safer than the men who held him.
  Reluctantly Ashley agrees to bring him back to his castle, but not just out of a pure heart. For her brother hopes that this time, after all the failed attempts, someone could love her for who she is and break the curse.

  Highest ranking: #1 in Adventure

People's Choice Winner of the Fairytale Community's Retelling Awards contest! 

Gorgeous cover by MulanJiang

jamietastic jamietastic Dec 31, 2016
That's a good idea to use comments as reviews of your book :) It definitely incises people to read your book
Thats awsome you gave me some ideas 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
ImagineSkyline ImagineSkyline Oct 04, 2016
All these reviews are the truth! This book really is amazing, and I know that it'll be popular one day 😋
AAKhan AAKhan Dec 30, 2016
The reviews sound really promising. I can't wait to start reading this!
zuko_42 zuko_42 Nov 06, 2016
Guess who's here to binge read you book! :3 
                              As @Galasriniel_00 said, smart choice to add this to the beginning of the book! XD
WintersJewel WintersJewel Oct 04, 2016
Here's my review.
                              Once upon a Curse is the most extraordinary books that Wattpad has to offer. This book has brought books to a whole new level, this books is beautiful and full of adventure, full of cliff hangers that could stop the heart. Never seen a book this amazing.