They'll meet What?

They'll meet What?

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15 Hearts with different story, with a Girl's 8 Hearts and Boy's 7 Hearts. They will meet what? Or let's modify the question, "They will meet Who?"

It all started in "misunderstanding", that's why two sections believes:
Class 4-F believes that Class 4-A are:
✔ Genius Students
✔ Perfect Students
✔ Rich & Brat Students
✔ Allergic to Simpletons
✔ Hates them

While Class 4-A believes that Class 4-F are:
✔ Students with Bad Reputations
✔ Students who have Low Grades
✔ Empty-Brain headed Students
✔ Poor Students
✔ Hates them

World War III starts on this! The solution is, they should live in the same roof for ONE MONTH! What if their advisers aren't also in good terms?! Will this solution work out for the both of them?

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OMG loved the story sooo muuuuccchhh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
                              keep update~ fighting!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa why to be continued ;-;
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                              please update quickly~ fighting!!
This is amazing!!! Actually I really want to publish this kind of stories but you just do more better T.T I need to learn more to make interesting story type. ♡♡♡ thank you for publish this awesome book >~<