The Deal (Gohan x OC)

The Deal (Gohan x OC)

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тнaт вlonde cнιcĸ ➳ By BeautifulChaos18 Updated Feb 05

"I always thought the phrase, 'a picture speaks a thousand words' was ridiculous, but his eyes were speaking something, even if I couldn't understand it. I could see pain, yet happiness; he was a boy who had been damaged, broken, shattered, but he had picked up the pieces and put them back together. Maybe it was his way of trying to tell me I could be fixed too, and that I didn't have to stay broken forever; maybe I could be repaired too."

A corrupt deal for a Saiyan child was made between two 17 years ago, and little did they know, this child had more than just legendary blood. 

Arya was a normal girl living with her father in the forest, or so she thought. A regular day of training had turned into something much more sinister when a certain enemy shows up and wreaks havoc on her home.

Saving her father, Arya is kidnapped by an evil tyrant who had changed her life; she wasn't the sweet, innocent girl she used to be. She was ruthless, isolated, and cold. Taking the lives of others and causing mayhem were just a few of her daily acts.

She is soon sent on a classified mission to steal a dragon ball from a boy who lives in the forest; seems easy enough. But she finds herself unwillingly becoming attached to him, his family, and friends. Will she complete the mission and jeopardize her relations with him? 

Only time will tell.

*Contains mild language 

*ι do noт own dragon вall or ιтѕ cнaracтer'ѕ, тнιѕ ιѕ pυrely a ғanғιcтιon*

*Cover is made by me and is mine*

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laralooloves laralooloves May 12, 2016
Great job with the epilogue! I definitely see this story going very far in the future. -LarzziDee
JustAnotherRogue JustAnotherRogue Jan 27, 2017
Its inferyility. Infidelity is when someone is unfaithful to their spouse. Or when someone is a non-beliver in a religion. Depends on how you use it in a sentence.