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Lonely_X-mas_Year By GirlChaos03 Updated Jul 16

Something new! Well, not really, but the idea is new! :3 I just want to write this story just for fun, so if you enjoy this story, thanks!!! Ok let's get to it! 

Laurence decides to go get a pet cause, why not? When at the pet store, he finds a blonde cat with beautiful ocean blue eyes, just begging to come home with him. Laurence decides to buy the cat and surprise his room mates, Dante and Travis. But what Laurence doesn't know, is that his furry huggable cat is in fact, a Neko who can change into a cat. If you find this story, then I hope you enjoy! :3

Warning: Boy X Boy

P.S. Don't judge meh! I know this is the third Garrence/Larroth fanfic I've written, but it's just so cute!!!!

Waffe_Exe Waffe_Exe Oct 15
It's official, I'm not a woman. I hate shopping, dresses, skirts, crop tops, short shorts, the color pink, makeup, etc. I could go on.
ShadowPig ShadowPig Oct 28
I'm FELINE great about these PURRfect  puns in the CLAWment section
Sugar129 Sugar129 Oct 15
IM NOT.THE ONLY ONE WHO REMEMBERED THORGI'S DAUGHTER FROM MCD SEASON 1 (or technically 2)!!! The true fans remember!
Alacornmice Alacornmice Nov 04 The only exception that I can make is Hot Topic or Spencers
Well, that was so PAWsome, your CLAWful at puns though, just a heads up.
If im shopping the only place ill go to is gamestop or hot topics