(Gene X reader) (Phoenix Drop High) As Black As My Heart

(Gene X reader) (Phoenix Drop High) As Black As My Heart

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ƒօƦmỰƖa_x By Fangirl9008 Updated May 25

 I hate my life... Bring a werewolf,faking smiles in front of humans even if I know they're weak and fragile unlike me,strong and brave because I'm the next alpha of my pack,which is the biggest pack known in the history of werewolves 

Time skip brought to you by Travis
         Your pov

"Mom i'm ready as I'll ever be" I say while pouting 
"(Y/n) please do understand that life is sometime unfair but handle this and we'll have a feast later,with Francis,your best guy friend will attend" (what you call your mom) said 'well that's a good deal for once' I said to myself "And please don't turn into a werewolf anytime soon" (what you call your dad) said "I don't even know how to activate it yet" I said in my everyday tone 

In Phoenix Drop High 

'I wanna go back to bed' I said while walking the hallways i-is that Aaron? "AARON!!!" I said while going towards Aaron "hey (y/n) long time no see... Wanna train later?" Aaron said while hugging me I do admit I had a mini-crush on Aaron ...

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If someone told me this was gonna be op I would have brought my anti-cringe pills
Happy happy happy happy happy wait... did you just call me bunny? I'm the opposite from a bunny!
Lol my name is erin is the story so I'm laughing so hard right now
Travis... *I smile weakly* what are we going to do with you.
Ein? Is that you?! Or did you get into my head?! Don't walk away from me answer me!!
I like to call my mom mamita sinyerita. I just call my dad, dad.