The New Student *Laurance X Reader*

The New Student *Laurance X Reader*

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Kawaii_Desu__Girl By Kawaii_Desu__Girl Updated 6 days ago

Y/n was finally going back to school. She been homeschool most of her childhood since lots of traveling of her parents jobs. Even thought Y/N was homeschool she had such a good childhood friend and her name was Katelyn. The two were always texting each other and we're both excited about going to the same high school. This made Y/N feel more calm about going to school with a good friend of her. 

Katelyn did warn her about the boys at school that there just weirdos and always flirting with the girls. Y/N took these notes but not so well cause she does find a guy that she starts to like or even love. But the think is that he one of the most popular guys in school. His name was Laurance Zvhal.

*^* I don't own any of the Minecraft Dairies Characters they all belong to the YouTuber Aphmau*^*

                              Tokyo Ghoul 
                              Blonde with blue tips
                              Juuzou Suzuya 
                              Shoulder length 
                              Baby blue
                              Fettuccine Alfredo
                               Suicide Squad (just pretend it's comedy XP)
PforPaige12 PforPaige12 May 09
*sorry mistake* Aliana, Ro'meave, Blue, Fairytale, Gold, Nartau, foot length, gold, pasta, who framed roger rabbit.
chimstaetic chimstaetic May 26
I'm invisible...?!
                              Okay,let me find out where you live and stab you in your sleep without you noticing.
                              Pokemon is a anime i think
                              Blonde ombré into lavendar 
                              Eevee is a pokemon that is either gender hah!
                              Just below my waist 
                              Ocean blue
                              Any tom&jerry movies i guess don't really watch comedy that much i am always on youtube or playing a game or reading fanfivs
Well I think my brothers will be like this....... SHOOT I'll be dead!
Annakittenp Annakittenp Sep 12
                              Kiss him not me!
                              Dark blue
                              Oranges and apples:3