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The New Student *Laurance X Reader*

The New Student *Laurance X Reader*

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Kawaii_Desu__Girl By Kawaii_Desu__Girl Updated 3 days ago

Y/n was finally going back to school. She been homeschool most of her childhood since lots of traveling of her parents jobs. Even thought Y/N was homeschool she had such a good childhood friend and her name was Katelyn. The two were always texting each other and we're both excited about going to the same high school. This made Y/N feel more calm about going to school with a good friend of her. 

Katelyn did warn her about the boys at school that there just weirdos and always flirting with the girls. Y/N took these notes but not so well cause she does find a guy that she starts to like or even love. But the think is that he one of the most popular guys in school. His name was Laurance Zvhal.

*^* I don't own any of the Minecraft Dairies Characters they all belong to the YouTuber Aphmau*^*

                              Tokyo Ghoul 
                              Blonde with blue tips
                              Juuzou Suzuya 
                              Shoulder length 
                              Baby blue
                              Fettuccine Alfredo
                               Suicide Squad (just pretend it's comedy XP)
PforPaige12 PforPaige12 May 09
*sorry mistake* Aliana, Ro'meave, Blue, Fairytale, Gold, Nartau, foot length, gold, pasta, who framed roger rabbit.
Jamless_Jimin- Jamless_Jimin- 2 days ago
I'm invisible...?!
                              Okay,let me find out where you live and stab you in your sleep without you noticing.
unilera unilera May 02
...........but I'm bad at volleyball and I hate soccer bc my dad RUINED it for me....but i like archery and tennis....
foxylover49 foxylover49 Apr 16
I'm youngest IRL so idk wats it like to have younger siblings
Jamless_Jimin- Jamless_Jimin- 2 days ago
Soo...That means dad doesn't know I fangirl over Korean Boys.Good!🌚