The New Student *Laurance X Reader*

The New Student *Laurance X Reader*

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Kawaii_Desu__Girl By Kawaii_Desu__Girl Updated Nov 04

Y/n was finally going back to school. She been homeschool most of her childhood since lots of traveling of her parents jobs. Even thought Y/N was homeschool she had such a good childhood friend and her name was Katelyn. The two were always texting each other and we're both excited about going to the same high school. This made Y/N feel more calm about going to school with a good friend of her. 

Katelyn did warn her about the boys at school that there just weirdos and always flirting with the girls. Y/N took these notes but not so well cause she does find a guy that she starts to like or even love. But the think is that he one of the most popular guys in school. His name was Laurance Zvhal.

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SamiDaku SamiDaku Nov 24
                              BLUE AND PURPLE
                              OUMA FROM DANGANRONPA V3
                              GREY AND BLUE
                              Mc Donald's biiiiish
                              XDD Help meh
amytdg amytdg Oct 10
Yea like u can't see a girl with long rainbow hair  (hair lanth is passed hips)
Oh really, in this story there is even Eren! Eren is everywhere!
wow the kid in this book goes to bed at a decent time unlike most of the kids that have electronics XD
Blaccwolfe Blaccwolfe Oct 04
Oh man *spills water on someone*
                              Teacher: Blaccwolfe to the office
                              Me: Okay
I swear if it's another one with the names Daisy and David (the rest is matching so far) 😂