She's different

She's different

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C.S.Edward By CSEdward Updated Dec 17, 2017

Lily blue is very shy she doesn't like attention at all on her she is used to being in the background she don't like people looking at her since she is a big girl she has enough problems without people talking about her she works for a devil of a women as her assistant doing everything she needs an more !!! Lily cannot afford to quit she needs the money for her mothers hospital bills Lily mets her bosses brother an his business partner an they instantly take a liking to her but she tries to avoid them at all costs what will happen when they get a taste of her 

Sam Lupo an Nick Costa are have been together since college  they are 28 now they are just more businesses partners they are a couple they love each other but they  also miss having a women too they have tried to find a woman to add with them but they haven't found the one yet most women only want is their money an status they just about give up until they meet her she is so different from the other women an they love it

A/N this story has a lot of sexual things in it if you don't like That then don't read it also this story has very mature things as well that can be unsettling to some people please do not read if you cannot Handle that

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starligjtqueen123 starligjtqueen123 Apr 12, 2017
Italian and caucasian are the same thing they're both white and Italian is not a race
Glariis Glariis 3 days ago
What do you mean by calling them half caucasian? They are full caucasians...
petite98 petite98 Aug 16, 2017
Update,  even though i can understand her struggle. 
                              Think about others before yourself. 
danesskie danesskie Dec 29, 2016
Long (to the small of her back)MIDNIGHT black( so black it looks blue) hair, Jade color eyes,
honey_bee654321 honey_bee654321 May 19, 2016
Update soon please! It's only the first chapter and I already got hooked on it!
miaisnice miaisnice Dec 29, 2016
American is a nationality not a race Italy I would instantly think white 
                              American could be white black Spanish the list goes on
                              I'm not trying to be a bother but what does American mean to you?