Rebirth: Part 1 of the Wicca Trilogy

Rebirth: Part 1 of the Wicca Trilogy

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MaryDewey By MaryDewey Updated Nov 14, 2011

Hi Everyone:

Book is now available at Smashwords; everything's changed on the 1st chapter etc:

Bessie is a young woman of eighteen, full of life and wanting the most normal sort of life any teen of her age could possibly want but then things don't seem so real anymore and the nightmares edge in the most horrifying way telling her things she wishes she never knew. There are witches she sees, people who are use the dark forces for power and destruction and then then's the beautiful professor who comes forth telling her that only she is deigned to bring the world towards continuity and that only she holds the key to retaining sanity for the universe. Enter the forces of good and evil and enter the world of the Salem past where Bessie sees that what she defines as reality and as the world of her nightmares is but a thin line and a crossover that means nothing at all. It is a see through for who she was once and who she is to become. Rebirth is the first part of this trilogy and introduces the setting and the characters for the sequels that follow.

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chazza_ann97 chazza_ann97 Feb 20, 2012
i no everything there is to know on wicca...... and this is amazing !! few people have tried to do stories on them and succeded ur one of them !!!