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Crush Imagines

Crush Imagines

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IAmEddieSpaghetti By IAmEddieSpaghetti Updated 3 days ago

These are just multiple imagines... 
     There is no update schedule for this; I am just going to write whatever and whenever it comes to me!
     I hope you enjoy!

Btw I don't do requests because I am a major perfectionist and I also have a tiny bit of social anxiety... so when you mix the two and a request, it goes through these stages.

1 this is overwhelming. 
2 I am scared to death to talk to these people that I don't know.
3 I finally did it but it's horrible in every way
4 I published it and now I'm sick to my stomach as a result
5 I worry for a good 2 days 
6 when they say they like it I feel good for while (translation=about 10 seconds)
7 but then I convince myself that they're delusional.

So it's just not fun on my part and I made this whole book for two reasons. I saw an absence of the kind of imagines I wanted to read, I wanted something to look at and be proud of, and I wanted to write because writing makes me happy. But if I'm writing something that doesn't make me happy, then it's no fun anymore so what's the point? There isn't one. So I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad or anything I just feel like people deserve an explanation when they're told they can't do something. 

But please enjoy! And I encourage you to write a comment (yes, even criticism! That's actually super helpful) or vote or share or follow me or message me or- well I think you get the point. 😅

True dat but IG i like em in the story 😂🤷🏽‍♀️