Protect Me Please (A sequel to "My Three What? Dark Mate") BOY X BOY

Protect Me Please (A sequel to "My Three What? Dark Mate") BOY X BOY

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Brit-Brit-Britters By Brit-Brit-Britters Completed


Mikey and his family are finally moving back to the old place, Where Mikey was raised and found his love.

Mikey enters high school the same high school that his lover's in. He gets all happy and excited. And can't wait to see him.

But when he does sees him it didn't want as he expected......

The promise they both made in Kindergarten...........



  • alpha
  • bullied
  • kyle
  • language
  • love
  • mpreg
  • neko
  • rejected
  • school
If this was me I'd be looking for the bros to chill.
                              I'm confident but this is a whole new level
yaoipunk yaoipunk May 15, 2016
I'm still scared of Kyle I mean what ever happened to him!? Maybe his going get his revenge in this story!!!!
What I think is that Brandon moved on .........coming from the ending of the last book and this description
NOBODYhello NOBODYhello Jun 15, 2016
Oh my baby!! *kills the b#tch* nothing shall bring the ship down this time!!! 
thicklette90 thicklette90 May 18, 2016
I love your books! I really hope Brandon changes for my adorable Mikey. Hehe
bookwormgena1987 bookwormgena1987 Oct 17, 2016
Yay!! I'm sooo 😂!! Now for some good reading! *cracks knuckles and a funny grin* let's get dangerous!!