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COZY WITH POSEY! By estreIIas Updated May 08


❝ women come from a whole range 
of backgrounds. if our visions of 
peace don't include these differences, 
then our peace will be partial. ❞

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women of color face claims 
book one : ongoing
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WinoForver WinoForver Sep 16
Some people come from white backgrounds and just can't write about other races because their afraid of being judged. How does that make them unoriginal?? I'm Mexican but I'm from a white background. Does it make me a bad person.. you don't have to be diverse to be a good author.
Holland Roden was gonna be the mc of a book I'm writing but I'm so happy w my new cast
LidiyaBlack LidiyaBlack Jul 08
YES THIS IS SO TRUE. THAT'S WHY I HAVE STOPPED READING AND WRITING UNTIL I FIND PROPER DIVERSE FACE CLAIMS. PLUS THE STRORIES THEY WRITE ARE LIKE PRETTY RACIST. those african american face claim always play some girl in the ghetto, or gang affiliated. its disgusting.
could you possibly find a wow with short white/light blonde hair (natural or dyed)
I want to see a dark skinned woman who is a force to be wreckon with as a main character!!!!