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VIVA LOS CHICANOS! By estreIIas Updated Dec 30, 2017


❝ women come from a whole range 
of backgrounds. if our visions of 
peace don't include these differences, 
then our peace will be partial. ❞

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women of color face claims 
book one : ongoing
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It bothers me more when WOC don’t use WOC face claims... I can understand some of the books with white leads but not all if you’re a WOC
inked_abyss inked_abyss Jan 10
I'm writing a book with Amandla Stenberg as the face claim of the main character. She's so empowering and inspiring.
astroworldshiina astroworldshiina Oct 22, 2017
Princess Nokia
                              Kali Uchis
                              Kodie Shane
                              Pia Mia
                              Indyamarie Jean
roseth- roseth- 2 days ago
please for gods sake add muslim girls not many people do that and i feel really left out even though that's not my ethnicity
Thank you! Ive looked in three books and all the people have been white!
I think the reason is people fear portraying WOC. It's not just skin tone, probably more because of heritage and culture?