Attack on Kindergarden!ᵀᴹ (LevixReader)

Attack on Kindergarden!ᵀᴹ (LevixReader)

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Okay so this is my fourth Levixreader lel
I made the cover myself :3
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>>Thanks for the 40k reads!!!<<

Anyways the last woman that worked at the kindergarden daycare quitted the job as one space was left,Hanji knew exactly who to hire.Yes.It's you.

What you didn't know was that you would join a place that children would teach you a lesson!

-Read to find out more~!
-I do not own any of the Attack on Titan cast!Only my OC that appears there!

Hope you like it~!


Kira_Emiko Kira_Emiko Aug 24
Can I work here Hanji~Sama!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *makes kawaii puppy face no one refuses*
Why are you so adorable?! I know that you're the collossol Titan and all but you're just so adorable!
You are little, but you're too adorable for me to get angry on you
diamon-ditz diamon-ditz Aug 18
If these are the children they are getting duct taped to the wall
True, I need money for merch, for albums, for books/comics and etc.
Kira_Emiko Kira_Emiko Aug 24
*sqeals* su kawaii!!!! I wanna draw just as well as you Author~Chan!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!!!!!!