Children of Sirphan (Prophecy Six Series Book 2)

Children of Sirphan (Prophecy Six Series Book 2)

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dmwiltshire By dmwiltshire Updated May 11, 2016

Nightmares come alive as Liora and the new Six face their greatest fears to find their way back to reality and to their true selves. 

The long winter is fading to spring and the answers Liora had been hoping for are slowly coming to light. With the help of her mentor - Caldor Lefwid - she soon discovers that her powers are not just some random happen-stance. Instead, it appears she is part of a larger plan.

The Prophecy Six is true and Liora is not sure what to do.

As the Child of Light, Liora is the first of six children who are to be given powers from the Gods. Unsure how to find the others, Liora is confused as to why the Gods had chosen her for this important part in a prophecy that is to change Gaitan.

Still haunted by memories of her peoples murder, she begins seeing a strange white haired child wandering her dreams. What she sees isn't like her usual visions. Certain there is nothing too concerning she ignores the dreams until they take a horrible turn.

Plagued by nightmares, tormented by this strange child, and forced into a mould she doesn't fit - Liora decides to take things into her own hands in hopes of gaining some control.

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