Natepat Oneshots

Natepat Oneshots

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Hi. Yeah. You probably read the title. That's what this is.

I have an issue, it's called laziness and it prevents me from doing anything but refreshing the same three apps over and over again.

Also, it'll be updated whenever I feel like updating it. 

Have a FABULOUS time reading.

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MerryMocha MerryMocha Apr 25
I once ate grass to lighten the mood. Everybody in my friend group were joking about smoking grass, so I just ripped a hand full of it out of the ground, and ate it. My friend said I could get worms, I made eye contact with her, and legit, just said. "I don't care."
Queen_of_TrashCans Queen_of_TrashCans Jun 16, 2017
Do it for him!
                              And then you do it again! 
                              You do it for her, and that's to say you do it for him!
Zaralele2116 Zaralele2116 Feb 19, 2017
I re-read this cause I finally had the Time to watch Steven Universe XD and I LOVE that show
mysterykat12 mysterykat12 Oct 30, 2016
That totally didn't remind me of that one gravity falls comic I've seen
1likearose1 1likearose1 Jun 30, 2016
Nate is taller than Matt. Go look at nate's video "we did a thing" and you can see at around 3:15 Matt and Nate are standing next to each other.
Shutter_Graceful Shutter_Graceful Dec 24, 2016
Am I the only one who thought it was funny what was in the parenthesis? XD