Saved by a Shapeshifter, eventhough I'm an Alpha  (werewolf,boyxboy)BEING EDITED

Saved by a Shapeshifter, eventhough I'm an Alpha (werewolf,boyxboy)BEING EDITED

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Jo-an AKA  Jojo or shorty By Lil_Legs_Jojo Updated Jan 30, 2012

Dimitri is the sexy, hot pupular guy in high school, Cameron is the avarage but cute guy who sometimes gets bullied, now add two big secreates and a few smaller ones, then change Cameron and make him the brave one, while making Dimitri the not so strong but dominant one and what do you get...............this story =) read on if you wanna know more.

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blazaboi95 blazaboi95 Mar 19, 2016
i thought the offspring of a angel and a demon was called a nephilim?
akahanavega akahanavega Nov 15, 2012
You're a great story writer as far as I'm concerned although your sentences are gramatically challegened! Overall, I love the plot since it's humurous and I love you <3 
jimmydalad jimmydalad Jan 03, 2012
It's a good story, but as ON3PI3C3 said, the spelling is a bit iffy. If possible, run it through Microsoft Word first and check the spelling on there. But apart from that, keep writing
Lil_Legs_Jojo Lil_Legs_Jojo Dec 08, 2011
@ON3PI3C3 I'm a really bad speller but when i have time i will do my best to edit it with some help from my friends lool thanks =)
ON3PI3C3 ON3PI3C3 Nov 29, 2011
its good story line but you have tons of misspelling and that kind of turns it down. But if you fix it up it will get a lot more views then what it does now.
Lil_Legs_Jojo Lil_Legs_Jojo Nov 14, 2011
@siggey28 alright good i'll write the next chapter now then for ya :)