House Of Dark (Darkiplier Story)

House Of Dark (Darkiplier Story)

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PsychoGenius By PsychoGenius Completed

The Irishman backed away into the wall behind him.


The looming figure chuckled darkly.

"Close, but no."

"Th-then who are you?"

"You can call me Dark."


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- - Aug 05, 2017
                              Double duvet?:check 
                              Unicorn pillow pet?:check 
                              I am prepared as fuc
flowerpins flowerpins Jun 05, 2017
I read this story before, and now I'm back to read it all over again because its such an amazing and thrilling story with great characterization and a well thought out story line.
alexthebritishgirl alexthebritishgirl Jan 03, 2017
*comes back with no cookies* it is 1am and I am ment to be asleep and he is in kitchen guarding the cookies *crys*
Daddy_Duns Daddy_Duns Mar 04, 2017
Oh... The screams of... heh... your vessels' friends... 
                              Dark, buddy... find a hobby, that doesn't involve hurting people. How about chess?
AutumnZoeyAthena AutumnZoeyAthena Nov 22, 2016
Hey @nhcrydragon you need to read this! It's an amazing story
SquishyFangirl_16 SquishyFangirl_16 Jan 29, 2017
*leans back in chair eating pop corn skeptically* Alright let's see where this one goes, do your worst Darky-poo