Red String Of Fate

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Salena By Skylass Completed
Serenity Kayleen Taylor co-owns a successful fashion business with her best friend Jayson Foxe - built from scratch. One day, with the constant bothering of her family members about her personal life, she requested a vacation. She goes off to London, hoping to forget her worries and spend a bit of time relaxing. She falls into slightly unfavourable circumstances but is it really? Sparks fly but feelings are confusing. Where does her red string of fate lead her to?
Adding this book to my library haven't read it yet but going to the blurb us amazing :D , your a very good writer keep the work!! Xxxxxxxx ✌✌✌
I'm going to read this. Hopefully in one night. Yay let's see how it goes.
Character development isn't bad at all! I've only read the first chapter so far, but would love to see this progress. There are a few sentences you might consider revising, but the over all story is pretty interesting! Good job. Keep it up!
Aww! Reni seems like an awesome person! Not many people volunteer... Seems like a cool story and the opening chapter was just perfect ;) xx
Blackmail...heehee. Anyway, I love how it's not overly dramatic about the clothes. Great work!
I like it. It's really cute and her personality seems cool. I'm definitely adding this to my reading list. I like the way you write and describe things. :)