Lost ones

Lost ones

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Emma (23) is the main character in this ff. She's a teacher and is in a relationship with Graham (25) for about 2 years now. Graham is the sheriff of Storybrooke. They met once at a bar and started from there on. 

Emma had a though life. Het parents left her at the side of the road. She was adopted once, but then her 'parents' got their own child and put Emma back in the system. Emma went from group home to group home. When she was 14 she went to a group home. This is where she met Killian. Killian was 15 back then. They became best friends.
Even more then that actually. 

When Killian (16) got out of the system because he got adopted, he never spoke to Emma again and Emma couldn't understand why. 

A few years later Emma met Neal. (We all now that story. I'm not going into details with this one. The only thing that's different is that Neal actually is an asshole since there's no pinoccio/august in this story)

Now Emma and Graham just moved to Storybrooke, where Killian happens to live... 

Mostly Emma's POV - no magic
There will be smut(ty) parts!



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_Captain_Hooked_ _Captain_Hooked_ Sep 06, 2016
👏👏👏👏👏I know I'm going to love this ff because of this. This. This is spectacular. Well, very well done
TheaInfinity08 TheaInfinity08 Jun 18, 2016
I hope you'll not kill Graham off like it happened on the show,because I like him. But CS forever