Bed Of Nails | drarry

Bed Of Nails | drarry

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Harry Potter By NoticeMePotter Completed



 -straight smut in beginning


-self harm 


-more smut but gay this time.

Yes but you want to hurt him in a COMPLETELY different way 😉 😉
Don't worry, Draco.
                              It still makes us cringe almost 20 years later.
The last paragraph explained me 2-3 months ago when I WAS cutting. I've stoped now (to my disappointment), it REALLY helped me feel at least SOMETHING!!!!
endmetrash endmetrash Jan 29
I always saw Draco as pretty darn intelligent, though. I mean, one of Slytherin's traits is cleverness.
endmetrash endmetrash Jan 29
Just letting you know that prefects can only give and take points from their own house...
endmetrash endmetrash Jan 29
I'm just imagining my Hufflepuff friend glaring, and I am just drawing a blank. Can Hufflepuffs even glare?