Bed Of Nails | drarry

Bed Of Nails | drarry

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harry wants control. 

draco wants control. he thinks.



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whoopdie-do whoopdie-do Aug 23
ok so first paragraph and i'm already in love with your writing style!!
Tbh  I've been getting annoyed about how people keep copying stories and can't come up with something slightly original, but your story is original and your writing style is beautiful and captivating so congrats.
kittay_cat kittay_cat May 26
-reading description- 
                              -sees straight smut in beginning-
                              o yea u betcha
AngelOfPen AngelOfPen Jul 26
this last line is the saddest. it fully encompasses the essence of how sh*t living with the dursley's is. He just caused himself harm and no one bats an eyelid. This makes me sad
Miminewman Miminewman Aug 13
aghhhh i've read this fic so many times WHOS UP FOR ROUND 14
I won't notice them. I am not that good in English (just the words from school and books, I understand more than I can write) 
                              I am sorry for any mistakes I made in this comment😊