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Bed Of Nails | drarry

Bed Of Nails | drarry

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“potter!” By NoticeMePotter Completed



 -straight smut in beginning


-self harm 


-more smut but gay this time.

kittay_cat kittay_cat May 26
-reading description- 
                              -sees straight smut in beginning-
                              o yea u betcha
AngelOfPen AngelOfPen 2 days ago
this last line is the saddest. it fully encompasses the essence of how sh*t living with the dursley's is. He just caused himself harm and no one bats an eyelid. This makes me sad
I won't notice them. I am not that good in English (just the words from school and books, I understand more than I can write) 
                              I am sorry for any mistakes I made in this comment😊
Embrar Embrar Jun 10
I'm going to read this fourth time!! Aye and I'm ready to dieeee crying haha
The last paragraph explained me 2-3 months ago when I WAS cutting. I've stoped now (to my disappointment), it REALLY helped me feel at least SOMETHING!!!!
endmetrash endmetrash Jan 29
This shows how awful the Dursley's are. " what's this mess on the carpet! How dare you do that, blood will never come out of my lovely imported carpet! Go make yourself scarce before we reconsider taking you in!"