white noise [kth]

white noise [kth]

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hminmin By ribts_ Updated Nov 23

Screaming, sirens, and gunshots are like white noise to us, Maerin.

19 year old Kang Maerin had problems at home. She was a very lonely person due to her shy, blocked off, short tempered personality.

Her step father verbally abused her, hurting her mentally, along with hurting her mother, physically. 
After 5 long years of living in misery, Maerin does something she'd never thought she'd do in her life. 
With all the sadness, anger, and fear she had of her step father, she killed him. 
And her mother.
She lost all control of her body, causing her to stab her mother and step father multiple times until her hands became weak.

She regretted it immediately.
Police swarmed her house, pinning her to the wall, treating her like a nasty creature. 

She was in a living hell now. 

She was to was to serve 30 years in prison.
But this immediately came to a stop the first night in prison....
7 boys need her apart of their gang, Bangtan, after hearing what she did. They are highly wanted and extremely skilled, insane criminals who let nothing stand in their way. They thought she was a crazed killer, but little did they know, she was a soft hearted, shy girl, who wanted nothing to do with this lifestyle. But she's going to have to adjust if she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life locked up.

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This is really fblsvfksjdkfns cuz I'm listening to first love rn