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Scarlet By Scarlet_RH Completed

[Mafiatale] [Sans x Reader]
|         Well, hello there, thoughts. Never thought I would see you again. Wait- I'm with you the entire time. Yaay... Okay, let's see if I remember what just happened. I was walking down the sidewalk, it was midnight. I was listening to my playlist of Brittany Spears, and I was humming. I heard a gunshot through my headphones, which was down an alley. I walked down the alley saying "Hello?" and heard hurried whispers. Suddenly I was gagged and I passed out. Yeah, that's what happened. But how long was I out? I look around, but it's only darkness. Heck, I can't even see myself. Wait, do I have a blindfold on me? I reach up to my face to feel if I have a blindfold on. Yep, I do. Time to check where I am.

*hits head on desk falling asleep*
                              *wakes up next morning on floor across room from desk* WTF?!
Scarlett_N Scarlett_N Sep 17, 2016
Honestly, I couldn't care less if went through my purse. Just so long as they don't take anything...
Mrs_Michealis Mrs_Michealis Oct 23, 2016
So sans is my body EVERY movie the body guard ends up sleeping with the person they are sepost to protect😘😘
MissDisciple MissDisciple Sep 30, 2016
When it said "My head hits the desk and I fall asleep." I yelled "WASTED"