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Caitlyn Rogers By Shredded-Wheat Updated Apr 10

"Are you still crazy about me?" Derek chuckles turning in his seat to look at me rolling my eyes at his comment.

"I'm crazy angry at you," I conclude after a moment of silence. "I'm so angry, there is literal steam coming from my ears. I want to hex you it's gotten that bad,"

"Sweet," He say sliding down in his seat and staring at the board in content.

We are lapsed into silence again, the only noise is the occasional snore leaving Mr. Jeffersons mouth.

"Emm Sera?" Derek whispers, interrupting me from reading my book.

"What?" I groan, slamming my book closed.

"What's a hex?"


Seraphina Stilinski wasn't well known in the town of Beacon Hills, the only thing she was known for was her father being the sheriff and that she nearly drowned in the river in the woods.

The only thing Sera remembers from the night of the accident is the dark brown eyes of her saviour, and the red and blue lights that blinded her before she blacked out.

As the new school year starts, Seras problems begin to get bigger. Not only is she the centre of attention, but her arch-nemesis gets placed beside her in chemistry.

But as Derek and Sera begin to become acquainted, and feelings develop so does Seras unknown powers.

Through tears, fights and blood Sera holds her head high, but can one boy manage to break all the walls she has built up?

[Pre-Teen Wolf]
[Young Derek Hale]
[Book One]

euphoriabro euphoriabro Oct 24, 2016
I love that so much I screen shotted it and most likely make it my screen saver.