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Marked. 》z.m

Marked. 》z.m

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khadija By malikenthusiast Updated 5 days ago

"You promised" He whispered.

"You're mad" I say with a shaky voice.

He cursed under his breath and looked down at his blood covered hands.

"We were supposed to be one, I thought I could trust you,  but I was wrong. I knew I couldn't trust anyone in this world. Not even myself. I let myself fall for you."

'He's art, you don't have to understand him. He wasn't built to validate your opinion. Accept him for the beautiful ambiguity that he is.' - anon

Soul mates aren't the ones that make you happy, no. Instead, they're the ones who make you feel the burning edges, the scars and stars, old pangs,  captivation and beauty, strains and shadows and worry and strain, sweetness and madness and dream like surrender, they hurl you into the abyss and taste like hope.

Set in the 1930s

--Paperdoll --Paperdoll Sep 12, 2016
Okay, so I really like the story, and even the gruesome parts, but I would wish if you could write longer chaps even if maybe thats not your style. Other than that I'm excited about this story.
--Paperdoll --Paperdoll Sep 12, 2016
This is so beautiful omg... And the fact you chose Barbara as the main character, you already won this heart over. 😘😍😍😘
Ibtida9 Ibtida9 Feb 15
Fear <insert comma> not of the weapon in my hand which (^was) pointed towards him
zaddyxzayn zaddyxzayn Jul 03, 2016
OMG i was waiting for so long! Can't wait for the next part! x 💞
BxndWhxrx BxndWhxrx Jul 27, 2016
This reminds me of my Zayn, gr8 minds think alike 🌚. Am I right or am I right?