Alone Together

Alone Together

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"Britni, are you in there getting dressed?" That was Kyra, my best friend since diaper days knocking on my bedroom door. "Ugh yes I'm up now get away from my door." I grumbled sitting up and kicking my covers off. "Well hurry up we have shit to do! Damn." 

I heard her walking away. I undressed before turning on the shower and started some music up on my ipod. I jumped in the shower and quickly washed before Kyra could bring her ass in rushing me. Drying off and lotioning my body before slipping on my bra and panties along with some leggings, a Run DMC tee and some uggs, I quickly combed my wrap down and grabbed a cardigan, as I opened my bedroom door, Kyra was standing in front of it about to knock. 

"Come on, don't do me so early in the morning boo." I walked past her grabbing my purse off the living room table. "No. You're always running late. Get it together and let's go." I followed her out of our condo and got in my candy apple red Lexus coupe and we headed to our new dance stud...

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I see him as a younger version of Idris Alba 😍😍😍😍😍
AtouMendy AtouMendy May 29
It's kind of hard to keep up with who is saying what as well
bellobellaaa bellobellaaa Aug 10, 2016
in Detroit we have a restaurant called Urban Soul sooooo good 😩
apeezy123 apeezy123 May 30, 2016
My grandma had advanced lung disease and is currently staying in a hospice with a few months to live because of cigarettes
MiahMonique MiahMonique Jan 17
how he gonna be like "dont talk to him" but yell out her name like he want them to be together
JammyJai_3000 JammyJai_3000 Dec 12, 2016
I hate cigarettes so much, I just be wanting to smack them out of people's hands😠😠😠!