My Married Mate

My Married Mate

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The life of a werewolf is never simple and easy. Add to that, being not only an Alpha but the Alpha of the largest and most powerful pack in all of the southern region in American and you can imagine how hectic life can be.

Perhaps even too hectic to find your mate until it's too late... When your mate's already married to someone else and not just anyone but your best friend and adopted sister.

Do you fight for him even though it would hurt someone you love or do you suffer in silence so they can live out their happily ever after? How can you do anything else when he's your soul mate?


As we got closer to the front the smell got stronger, more tantalizing if possible. Ten feet from the alter I came to an abrupt standstill. No, it can't be! The Fates couldn't be this cruel! A man, my mate was a man when I've never been anything but straight.

But not just any man. No, to make things even worse. My mate was the man that my best friend, practically my sister was only seconds away from marrying.

In that instant I was torn, my wolf howled at me to snatch his mate away from Lexi and claim him as our own. But my heart, even while being torn right out of my chest said that I couldn't do that to her. Not after all we'd been through together, all our years as best friends and adopted family.

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Black_Rose3313 Black_Rose3313 Jan 31, 2016
So... I've been putting off with reading this story. So! Here I go! I'm going to read it!
sharonfirth1982 sharonfirth1982 Sep 09, 2016
this turned out to be a dam good book i really didn't want it to end are you doing a follow up on lexi and sean?
Catchikita Catchikita Nov 08, 2014
Usually I like reading completed stories but I'm just going to torture myself and continue reading :o
sm8521 sm8521 Aug 07, 2013
@nesa_1234 Awe you seriously made my day! I hope that I can live up to His to Teach's expectations.... I'm really gonna try and make this the best most kick ass Werewolf story.
sm8521 sm8521 Aug 07, 2013
xxbdbxxloverxx don't take this the wrong way but I totally love you right now! That's some kick ass advice and I'm taking it to heart!
nesa_1234 nesa_1234 Aug 07, 2013
I an super excited for you to start this one.Read many werewolves story but this one even the title suggest,is going to be different.'His to Teach' is one of fav story and knowing how you write,this is also going to be great one.Keep us updated.Cheers@sm8521:-))