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sodapop | ethandolan

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I took a quick glance behind me to make sure no hot chick was standing behind me, sure enough there was. It was no other than the witch herself, Rachel.

I turned my attention back to Brad so I didn't have to see a real life porno.

From the corner of my eye I watched Ethan move closer and closer. Then the next thing you know I was being pinned to a wall by a guy who told me he had a rash on his butt when he was 4.

❝Damn babygirl.❞ He looked me up and down.

He was so fucking drunk.



vsselatbest vsselatbest Jul 14
On every Dolan twin book, I always think of the girl that one of the twins always ends up falling in love with... As Kylie Jenner
Ok I commented up above before I even saw this and I was right😂🖒
jadajariana jadajariana Jul 22
I haven't even starting reading the actual chapters but I already know it's gonna be good lol
Reminds me of, "The Duff" so far. I love the duff so this should be a good book
jezykins jezykins Aug 22
Lol as soon as I read this I thought of the movie DUFF 😂😂
DonutDolan DonutDolan Jul 20
"Some serious daddy kink"
                              Me: HELL TO THE YES TO THE YES YES YES