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❣ Until We Meet Again ❣

❣ Until We Meet Again ❣

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Mansi By MansiSolanki2714 Completed

She left two years back saying to him "Until We Meet Again"; and that was the day he saw her last. His archenemy as much as he didn't want to admit he missed her, he missed her pissed off face, he missed their fights, he missed her smile, he missed her voice, he missed each and every single thing of her... and he.... he rejected her laughed at her and saw her heartbroken look  and when she left he  realized why ...Yes he was in love with her but in denial and never got over her...

    She left and now she is back with a goal to complete what she left unfinished between her and him. She told him she liked him but he said he didn't care, they were archenemies and that was the way it was supposed to be, she was heartbroken and she  cried a lot but after that she never cried over boys but now that she's back she has to face him. Her last words "Until We Meet Again" a promise which she knew needed to be fulfilled as deep down she knew they were more than archenemies and it was time he faced the truth.

Nerezzaa Nerezzaa Mar 13
Just a bit more descriptions and some space would be nice :)
                              Take it as a suggestion, sorry if you think I am being rude.!!
Clarissa_Rojas Clarissa_Rojas Dec 30, 2016
Hi my name is clarissa in working on a few books myself and i would like to know if you could make me a trailer about my book so tell me how you made i would really appreciate it if you answer me back thank you for ur time.
- - Jun 13, 2016
Be sure to chuck in some commas! Even though I'm not quite good at them myself but I know a fair bit.
                              "You can do this Sabrine, don't chicken out." See where I put the comma? :)))
MissRose99 MissRose99 Nov 03, 2016
Great job on the first chapter! I just started my first book on here and I know how hard it is for the first time but you did really well! 🙃