Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction)

Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction)

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CinnaMount By CinnaMount Updated 2 days ago

What if Haruhi had a brother and that brother is you Reader-san,the leader of a popular boy band named "We Are The Entertainers".Join us and discover how will the host club will react to this,not to mention how many hearts he has stolen.

Sadly I do not own any picture,video or  any character that is used from some animes they belong to creator-sama.

This fanfiction will go as the season goes but there will be alot of changes. And I will 'try' to update  1-3 times in 2 weeks or a week.

This fanfic is Yaoi I repeat Yaoi, if you don't like Yaoi I may kindly ask you to stop reading.

CinnaMount CinnaMount Oct 30
Do you guys want me to change it I'm sorry if it's not up to your liking. But guys whenever you comment please be careful with your words I'm not a person who can get over an incident especially one that happened to me three years ago
CinnaMount CinnaMount Oct 30
I'll just say it " I am an emotionally unstable person especially with SADNESS."
I don't know why... But he looks like Rin from blue exorcist, probably because of the sword? Idk?
I'm sorry but we can never be friends unless you change your dislikes
I have a Question does in anyone in the band like the ?????????
I look feminine...
                              Should I be happy about this *laughs*
                              Nah, I don't mind because I still look cool *smirks*