Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction)

Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction)

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CinnaMount By CinnaMount Updated Feb 12

What if Haruhi had a brother and that brother is you Reader-san,the leader of a popular boy band named "We Are The Entertainers".Join us and discover how will the host club will react to this,not to mention how many hearts he has stolen.

Sadly I do not own any picture,video or  any character that is used from some animes they belong to creator-sama.

This fanfiction will go as the season goes but there will be alot of changes. And I will 'try' to update  1-3 times in 2 weeks or a week.

This fanfic is Yaoi I repeat Yaoi, if you don't like Yaoi I may kindly ask you to stop reading.

CaptainEiza CaptainEiza Dec 23, 2016
...there is too many characters....but I love the person I'm playing.
                              OH CRUD IM BUSTED
                              Police:THERE HAS BEEN A FEMALE IN A MALE FANFIC
Anime for life, and hugs for when they kill off your favorite character
I got kicked out of school once because I had a knife in my bag... yep. They thought I was going to kill someone considering my reputation. *Sighs*
Makkuchi Makkuchi Jan 26
I hate sports and I suck at them ;_;
                              *watches haikyuu but can't play volleyball, watches Free! but can't swim.*
fuzzy52401 fuzzy52401 Dec 30, 2016
Eh I always carry at LEAST two knives on me anywhere I go. Even at school...