Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction)

Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction)

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CinnaMount By CinnaMount Updated Nov 10

What if Haruhi had a brother and that brother is you Reader-san,the leader of a popular boy band named "We Are The Entertainers".Join us and discover how will the host club will react to this,not to mention how many hearts he has stolen.

Sadly I do not own any picture,video or  any character that is used from some animes they belong to creator-sama.

This fanfiction will go as the season goes but there will be alot of changes. And I will 'try' to update  1-3 times in 2 weeks or a week.

This fanfic is Yaoi I repeat Yaoi, if you don't like Yaoi I may kindly ask you to stop reading.

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LuciferBSKL LuciferBSKL Nov 11
Gahhhhhh its that guy from mekaku city actors idk the name..WHY DO I ALWAYS FORGET THINGS
LuciferBSKL LuciferBSKL Nov 11
Reminds me of ahhhhh...That guy in aoharu x kikanju I forgot his name
Legiontales Legiontales Dec 05
I LOVE SOUR STUFF 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
sifa12345 sifa12345 Oct 13
Nidjeehe theme veyeh e vr6 can't even function smol child is soooo cute!
chirp23 chirp23 Jul 18
This is a description of a male me except I love sour things
chirp23 chirp23 Jul 18
Dislikes rules but dislikes the people who don't follow them