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alpha || editing

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His lips brushed over my skin gently, and he left soft fluttery kisses on my neck, leaving me wanting more. Craving more. Needing more.

"Who am I?"

I held onto his strong shoulders, curling my toes slightly in pleasure as his lips touched my shoulder blade. I opened my mouth to answer him, trying not to focus on how amazing his lips felt.


His canines extended, and they grazed over my skin ever so lightly, causing me to gasp as he caressed my waist with his large, comforting hands. My voice came out in breaths and hot pants as I answered him, but he seemed too distracted to care.

His sharp canines sank into my skin, causing my fingers to dig slightly into his back.

"Alpha Logan..."

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I'm pretty sure she would, but then again it's none of your business.
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We didn't have the math one and the history was fine. How can I send it to you?