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Young Justice One Shots

Young Justice One Shots

26.7K Reads 1.3K Votes 21 Part Story
paaprika By paaprika Updated Feb 20

A series of young justice one shots and imagines written by yours truly.

Start: 29/08/16


Would you mind doing like a cute Conner x female reader shot? It would be absolutely amazing if you could!!! 😊😊😊
DamiansBeloved DamiansBeloved Nov 13, 2016
Nightwing X Female Reader
                              they are already dating.
                              Nightwing gets sick and reader takes care of him
-Black-Canary- -Black-Canary- Nov 13, 2016
Aqualad X female reader???? Reader's Aquaman and Mera's daughter (idk. Whatever fits. That's just what i thought of. Change it if you want) Reader wants to go to the surface, but Mera and Aquaman won't let her so Kaldur offers to watch her while she's there. Idk. First thing that came to mind
candyheart101 candyheart101 Nov 13, 2016
(season 1)Robin x superhero reader.they been friends Robin thought about confessing to her after the battle but she get hurt and is on the bridge of life and death but she survives and he ask her her superpowers are shadow control and ice
I dunno if you'll ever see this, but if you get off of hiatus, could you do a Kaldur oneshot?
                              Like, -Reader- is a dancer or a painter, and Kaldur asks them one day to teach him how to dance/asks them if they've ever painted on people, and go from there? 😁
ninjalove9237 ninjalove9237 Nov 13, 2016
Red Arrow x reader, gender female, Roy asks reader to attend a party that Oliver Queen is holding and Oliver tells the reader that Roy's in love with the reader for a long time