Young Justice One Shots

Young Justice One Shots

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internally oppressed By leejordans Updated Aug 31

A series of young justice one shots and imagines written by yours truly.

start: 29/08/16
end: --/--/--


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Allycat4458 Allycat4458 Aug 20
Robin x famous!Reader the reader is in danger and the Young Justice team protects them not knowing that they go out with Robin/Dick Grayson …IDK
Wally x fem reader
                              Nightwing x fem reader 
                              Impulse x fem reader
Bart Allen X female Reader they go to the break wall and Jump off with the team and Bart tried to impress her with the flips he does. The reader has pale skin and bright blue eyes and white blonde hair.
Would you mind doing like a cute Conner x female reader shot? It would be absolutely amazing if you could!!! 😊😊😊
DestielAngels DestielAngels Nov 13, 2016
Nightwing X Female Reader
                              they are already dating.
                              Nightwing gets sick and reader takes care of him