The End Student {Target One: Academy Time!}

The End Student {Target One: Academy Time!}

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Vasquez Lost By AkuShinigami Updated Aug 21, 2017

(an Assassination Classroom and Uta no Prince-sama crossover)

Enter Fukazawa Setsuna, one of the former students of Kunugigaoka Junior High's infamous Class 3-E. After managing to save Kuro-sensei and finally graduating, she enters Saotome Academy as a composer, the school where idols and composers are discovered and made, as well as Setsuna's dream school. Studying as a composer is hard enough, how much more if you're being targeted by furious and frustrated assassins almost most of the time? But she's not worried about that. She's more worried about those six boys finding out her abilities and her background story in Class E than actually being killed... 

"...Personally, they're more messed up than us misfits in Class E... -_-"
                                                                                    -Fukazawa Setsuna

* * * * * * * 

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